HIA promotes policies that reduce health care costs, improve health outcomes, simplify health care, improve efficiency, and accelerate innovation.

Working closely with Congress and the Administration, HIA’s team of policy experts works to ensure that the health care industry can adapt and improve using data and technology.

Health Data Privacy

A health care specific perspective must be part of legislative and regulatory privacy discussions. This will produce actionable recommendations to address the growing patchwork of state laws and federal enforcement that is complicating how health information is used. All future legislation and regulations should give providers, health plans, patients, and others clarity and consistency in health data privacy and use rules.


Interoperability requires robust, clear, and trusted rules regarding the access, exchange, and use of health information. Improving the interoperability of the health care system will lead to better patient safety and care, expanding access and efficiency while reducing costs. Policies should expand data sharing and use and promote a modern healthcare system.

Digital Health

Key policies should be updated to permanently expand access to digital health, including telehealth, promote remote patient monitoring, and use advanced analytical software, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to combat fraud in Medicare. Expanded use of telehealth and remote patient monitoring can help capitalize on new and existing technologies to transform how care is provided and to improve value-based care. This will not only improve patient outcomes, but it will also reduce overall health costs.

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Public Health

HIA advocates for increased use of technology for a modern and efficient public health infrastructure. Policies should improve the public health system, data collection, response and preparedness, and infrastructure, and we should ensure information flows to the people who need information the most like responders on the ground. Additionally, it is vital that funding is not used to duplicate successful work in the private sector or create policies and regulations that require unnecessary reporting and burden on state and local public health entities.

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