HIA promotes policies that reduce health care costs, improve health outcomes, simplify health care, improve efficiency, and accelerate innovation.

Working closely with Congress and the Administration, HIA’s team of policy experts works to ensure that the health care industry can adapt and improve using data and technology.

Artificial Intelligence

HIA is working to define AI’s impact on healthcare through foundational policies and advocacy that promote innovation, increase transparency, and protect health data. Top issues include reducing provider burden, automating reporting for value-based arrangements, and influencing federal regulations such as the implementation of the AI Executive Order, ONC’s rules, and FDA regulation.


HIA promotes next-generation policy recommendations to improve data access, exchange, and use to facilitate a modern healthcare system. Top issues include image sharing, clinical trial modernization and accessibility, CURES Act implementation, medical device interoperability, and patient-generated data.


HIA is working to update policies that permanently expand access to and use of telehealth and accelerate remote patient monitoring and remote care delivery to transform how patients experience and approach their care. Top issues include improving interstate licensure for remote care, making sure telehealth flexibilities continue after the 2024 deadline, and ensuring access to virtual services under employer-sponsored plans.

Health Innovation Alliance Ballot Tracker

Below is a list of bills HIA is actively tracking. If you have any questions about a specific bill, please reach out to the team.

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