Regulatory Education and Action for Patients (REAP)

Regulatory Education and Action for Patients (REAP) is an umbrella coalition comprised of patient advocacy groups whose goal is to strengthen current relationships and build new relationships with government agencies that have the responsibility for implementing provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act1 , as amended, (PPACA) and to ensure that implementation of the Act’s provisions is patient-centric. The unique experience and expertise of each REAP member organization allows REAP to provide the patient voice in a cross-disciplinary manner.

REAP’s mission is to communicate issues to Federal and State regulatory bodies, Congress, health care insurers and others that regulate, develop, manage and/or impact health delivery, coverage, cost and availability of services to the United States population. REAP will, through its member organizations, contribute information and perspectives regarding important health care decisions to a degree that has not been possible heretofore by health care advocacy groups in the regulatory arena.