Join Health IT Now on July 31st For a Briefing on 5G Wireless & Telehealth

"5G Wireless Is Coming to a Telehealth Provider Near You"

When: Tuesday, July 31st at 2 PM
Where: 562 DIRKSEN Senate Office Building

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The deployment of fifth generation wireless (5G) networks across the country will enable a myriad of new and advanced telehealth capabilities and applications through faster speeds and instantaneous network responsiveness. 

Implementation of 5G will mean improvements in real-time disease diagnosis, population analytics, patient outcomes, and remote access capabilities – all leading to more efficient, higher quality technology-enabled care.

Join Health IT Now and a panel of expert guests for a conversation on the promise of 5G in health care, current steps the administration is taking to support the implementation of 5G, and the remaining barriers that must be addressed before 5G can be leveraged to its fullest potential. Opening remarks will be provided by Donna Epps, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Strategic Alliances for Verizon.

Joel White, Executive Director, Health IT Now (moderator)
Kelsey Mellard, Co-founder & CEO, Sitka
Meghan Conroy, CEO, CaptureProof
Michael Romano, Senior Vice President, NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association
Bret Swanson, President, Entropy Economics LLC & Visiting Fellow, AEI



This is a widely attended event and is intended to comply with all ethics rules.