Health IT Now Responds to President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

Health IT Now Executive Director Robert Horne this evening issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s joint address to Congress.

“New leadership in Washington presents a real opportunity for reforms. Recent advances in health care technology provide unique opportunities to think about policy differently than we have in the past, paving the way for new partnerships and opportunities. We believe the federal government embracing and prioritizing IT is one key way to achieve these goals.

“For far too long, taxpayer dollars have been used to incentivize outdated programs and technologies that are not working at the highest possible level for patients. In order to achieve better outcomes and lower costs, leaders must consider more efficient technologies and dynamic solutions.

“New data and technology platforms hold great potential to transform health care. Their use today is helping to support great advancements in research and development of new products, new ways to protect federal health care programs from fraud, and new ways to deliver care in a way that better supports patient care.

“The president’s speech tonight focused in part on improving the operations of health care agencies such as the FDA. Much can be achieved by increased awareness and acceptance of health information technologies in support of research and product development. The FDA has already made great strides in this area over the past year, and we look forward to continuing our work with all federal agencies moving forward.

“Health IT Now remains committed to greater embrace of health IT as a means to achieving the common goal of better health, improve patient experience, and lower costs. We will continue to serve as a resource to bring together folks from across the political spectrum and health care industry.”