Summit Explores Future of Data and Analytics in Healthcare

Summit Explores Future of Data and Analytics in Healthcare
Apervita and Health IT Now Convene Stakeholders to Discuss Rapidly Expanding Marketplace of Health Data and Analytics

Chicago, IL – Today, Apervita and the Health IT Now Coalition will convene a full-day conference among leading policy experts and industry stakeholders to explore the intersection of government policy and a rapidly expanding analytics and data solutions market that supports patient care, engagement, and research. The goal of the summit, entitled “From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Uses: Getting the Most from Meaningful Patterns in Data to Improve Health”, is to establish an understanding of the current use of data and analytics in health care, identify barriers to their expanded use, and explore and develop the necessary reforms to foster innovation and applications in ways that transform care and provide for the best care everywhere.

“Recent regulatory and legislative policies have made it necessary to harness the immense amounts of data that exist in the healthcare system today to help doctors and hospitals stay on top of their game. As organizations create and adopt analytics to accomplish this goal, it is apparent that there are barriers to optimal utilization of these tools. Today, we seek to identify and discuss best policies to overcome these obstacles,” said Paul Magelli, CEO of Apervita.

“Health IT Now has long believed that the use of technology and the application of data in healthcare will transform delivery and allow for better quality care at lower costs. Current government policies, however, inhibit the use and application of data and analytics and limit technology’s potential. Today, we’re looking forward to hearing from experts working in the field, including our other event sponsors: MATTERemids, and JEN Associates about what can be done to smash these barriers,” said Joel White, Executive Director of Health IT Now.

About Apervita: Apervita is the new community and marketplace for health analytics & data sets. It allows 1,000s of analytics & data sets to be deployed all at once. Its foundations have been built on a powerful, yet simple goal: the democratization of health analytics. Leading health enterprises use Apervita to quickly turn their medical intellectual property into computable content. This content can then be commercialized globally, through the Apervita Market. Health professionals can browse a broad selection of professionally curated medical content, subscribe to it, connect their own data sets, and publish results into their workflow. The platform is self-service and no external intervention is required.

Apervita’s growing community of medical content addresses top provider challenges. Content covers a broad swathe of use cases, such as clinical, operational, and financial. The platform is HIPAA secure and supports open standards. It can be connected through modern web services to most EMRs, portals and point-of-care systems. Learn more at

About Health IT Now: Health IT Now (HITN) is a broad based coalition of patient groups, provider organizations, employers, and payers that supports incentives to deploy health information technology to improve care, patient outcomes, and to lower costs. Learn more at