Health IT Now Coalition Response to ONC Interoperability Roadmap

The Health IT Now Coalition issued the following statement in response to the ONC Interoperability Roadmap:

“Health IT Now supports ONC’s ongoing efforts to address the systematic lack of interoperability in our healthcare system. The final Roadmap reflects input, serious thought and consideration from many stakeholders, and addresses issues of concern to our members, including information blocking and patient access to health information.

We are particularly encouraged that ONC is seeking commitments to promote interoperability. Specifically, we support consumers having easy and secure access to their own electronic health information, an ability to direct it to any desired location and to learn how their information can be shared and used, and to be assured that this information will be effectively and safely used to benefit their health and that of their community. We believe consumers should have access to all of their own health information and that their information should be available from the most convenient source.

We urge ONC to continue to work aggressively to meet the statutory mandate contained in the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 to achieve widespread exchange of health information through interoperable certified EHR technology nationwide by December 31, 2018. ONC’s actions over the next few months will help determine whether the Roadmap is a successful guide to meeting the law’s mandate.”