Health IT Now: Small Business Committee Hearing Will Show Promise of Telemedicine

Telemedicine Can Unlock Business Growth, Cost Savings, and Improved Health Outcomes

 Washington, D.C. – Tomorrow the House Committee on Small Business’ Subcommittee on Health and Technology is hosting the hearing, “Telemedicine: A Prescription for Small Medical Practices?” This hearing comes at the tail end of an exciting week for telemedicine. The VA reform bill that passed out of the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee includes remote patient monitoring at the core of its solutions for the VA health system. As a practice, telemedicine is gaining steam from coast to coast.

“Telemedicine has garnered so much attention as of late because of its clear, proven ability to reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase access to medical care,” Health IT Now’s senior policy counsel, James Turner said. “Tomorrow’s Small Business Committee hearing will give us a great opportunity to discuss the opportunities for telemedicine from the perspective of small medical practices, as well as the barriers to expansion.”

Health IT Now (HITN) believes that telemedicine holds the key to unlocking business growth and cost savings for small practices. The possibilities for telemedicine are limitless, and small practices will be able to better tailor care to the needs of their patients in a cost effective manner.

One example of how telemedicine can increase access and improve outcomes is through tele-psychiatry. By using remote monitoring and connection, a psychiatrist is able to converse with their patient whenever, wherever, and based on the needs of the patient. Whether the patient is living in a rural area, traveling for their employment, or a student going off to college, telemedicine can offer the continuity of care that is critical to improving outcomes.

“Through our work, HITN has encountered several practitioners in psychiatry and other specialties for who telemedicine has demonstrated real results for their patients and for their practice,” said Turner. “However, if we’re going to get serious about supporting telemedicine as a way to improve healthcare, barriers like the issue of interstate licensure must be addressed on a federal level. Only through legislation that updates antiquated licensure laws will small medical practices be able to take full advantage of telemedicine.”


Health IT Now (HITN) is a broad based coalition of patient groups, provider organizations, employers and payers that supports incentives to deploy heath information technology to improve care, provider performance, patient outcomes, and to lower costs.