Concerned Groups to Congress: Act Now on FDASIA

More than 55 patient groups, providers and employers call on Congress to pass legislation that defines an appropriate, risk-based oversight framework for health IT

Washington, D.C. – Today a diverse group of 58 patient groups, providers and employers issued a joint letter to Congress asking that legislators act now to provide clarity and certainty for appropriate, risk-based oversight of health information technology (IT).

The letter asserts that the Senate and House should act before the end of the 113th Congress for the following reasons:

  1. Health IT has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency and quality of care delivery.
  2. Current regulatory uncertainty stifles health care innovation.
  3. There is broad consensus on the need for a risk-based framework for health IT.
  4. This is a bipartisan issue that is ready for bipartisan action.

Joel White, Executive Director of the Health IT Now Coalition, issued the following statement in support of the multi-group letter to Congress:

“Fifty-eight groups have a very clear message for Congress – regulatory reform is needed, and needed now. There is ample bipartisan support from both chambers of Congress and from Federal Agencies that changes to the oversight framework are needed. It is time for modern laws to reflect the technological advancements made in our healthcare system over the past four decades. Developers, healthcare providers, patients and others still face ambiguity on the framework for health IT oversight. Without a clearly defined, risk-based oversight framework, we cannot effectively facilitate innovation in the use of technologies to improve health, protect patients and enhance clinical safety.”

The complete letter is available here. Health IT Now will continue to work with Congress on this important issue.