HITN Commends Passing of National Health IT Week Resolution

Contact: Katherine Weekley
Email: kweekley@healthitnow.org

Coalition Commends Senators for Passing National Health IT Week Resolution

Resolution recognizes the value of health information technology in transforming and improving the healthcare system

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Senate passed a resolution sponsored by Senators Stabenow (D-MI) and Thune (R-SD) recognizing the week of October 5, 2015 as National Health IT Week and how health IT is transforming the way health care is being delivered in the United States.

Health IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. Health IT includes critical technologies, such as cloud based computing and storage systems, mobile health applications and clinical decision support and wellness tools, that are improving the health of all Americans, lowering health care costs, creating high demand jobs, and stimulating market innovations.

James Turner, Vice President for Health IT Now is encouraged by passage of the resolution, which expresses the opinion of the U.S. Senate that health information technology has value in transforming and improving the healthcare system for all people in the United States. Turner stated, “Senator Stabenow is a long-time advocate for Health IT and leveraging technologies to expand access to physical and mental care. She recognizes that to transform the health system and to deliver coordinated care requires a robust health IT architecture of connected systems and devices and the exchange of information across all care providers; the doctors, the nurses, social workers, mental health providers, rural and community clinics, and medical centers; and, with the patients and families.”

Joel White, Executive Director for Health IT Now said, “Senator Thune is a real champion for advancing health IT issues because he understands its importance in lowering healthcare costs, improving health outcomes, and protecting patient safety.” White continued, “It is encouraging to see our nation’s policy makers recognize the value of health IT in transforming our nation’s healthcare system.”

The resolution can be found here.