Bipartisan Bill Would Establish Federal Definition for Telehealth Services

On Dec. 19, Bloomberg BNA published an article on telehealth legislation quoting the Coalition’s own Joel White:

“Technology will expand the national capacity to access primary and specialty care by removing barriers to care such as provider shortages, distance, mobility, and time constraints and will continue to be instrumental in addressing the country’s most challenging health care problems,” White said.

But, he said a national standard for telehealth was needed to ensure providers could comply with rules in each state and to ensure reimbursement for their services.

“The current inconsistent patchwork of state laws governing telehealth services has inhibited the deployment of telehealth in the private and public sectors,” White said. “These inconsistencies make it difficult for providers to understand the unique telehealth care delivery requirements for each jurisdiction and to provide a consistent level of care across jurisdictions based on the nuances of what is and is not allowed in the practice of telehealth and what may or may not be reimbursed.”