A Vision for the Future of Healthcare Technology

Announcing the Health Innovation Alliance

Health IT Now was founded more than a decade ago, uniting patients, providers and payers to foster the adoption and use of technology and data in order to improve outcomes and lower costs. We have achieved a great deal, but we’re at the inflection point to truly promote innovation and transform care.

We have relaunched as the Health Innovation Alliance to advocate for additional reforms that will transition antiquated tools, payment systems, and delivery models to a modern, consumer-centered healthcare system. We have caught glimpses of a great promise, but there is still more work to be done, and we are dedicated to advancing the cause.


Our goal is to transform the health system to enable care efficiently, where and when it is needed. In order to do this, we need to modernize the laws and rules that stifle value and innovation, produce bad incentives, and create artificial barriers to a connected, data-on-demand health system. Ultimately, these changes will produce an efficient and effective health system where innovative solutions are rapidly adopted and put to use.

The following represent our priorities in achieving this future:

  • Advance Healthcare Connectivity. While nearly all U.S. hospitals have implemented an EHR system, only 41 percent can send, receive, find, and integrate information the way consumers expect of other industries. This has led to clinical and administrative inefficiencies, high-cost implementation for industry, provider burnout, and consumer confusion. We will continue to lead the fight promote interoperability, stamp out information blocking, promote open APIs, and reduce needless burdens on providers and developers.

  • Modernize HIPAA. The technology needed to improve connectivity in our healthcare system already exists. Innovators and entrepreneurs and ready, willing, and able to deploy their talents in this industry. This is not a technology or an innovation problem: it is a consequence of the outdated HIPAA privacy law and other regulations conceived before the digital age. The Health Innovation Alliance will fight to ensure HIPAA modernization is included in any consumer data privacy legislation to empower patients, better protect, and encourage the meaningful sharing of data.

  • More Value, Better Access to Care. Most federal health programs continue to pay for care based on volume of services, not its value. And while consumers are accustomed to on-demand access to information and services, traditional Medicare spends less than 1 percent on telehealth. We advocate for the enactment of payment and delivery reforms that empower individuals to receive care on their own terms, regardless of setting, by the most appropriate healthcare practitioner, at the best available cost.

  • Streamline Federal Regulation and Reduce Provider Burden. There are many overlapping or conflicting laws that govern healthcare technology. This has led to wide-ranging consequences where providers are spending nearly 40 percent of their time on data entry instead of caring for patients. At the same time, regulation and approval processes slow down the adoption and use of digital health and innovative healthcare technologies. An agile regulatory framework that quickly approves and reimburses for innovative products is needed to ensure the best outcomes for patients, taxpayers, and healthcare providers.

  • Leverage Technology to Fight the Opioid Crisis. Health Innovation Alliance members are united in support of policies that will address the opioid epidemic, including modernizing prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), breaking down the electronic wall between patients’ substance use history and the rest of their medical record, and reimbursing for technology-enabled treatment options.

Join Us

Health Innovation Alliance boasts a diverse membership of patient groups, provider organizations, employers, insurers, technology companies, and innovators committed to transforming healthcare, with different strengths and needs. Our members:

  • Set the policy agenda: We are creative problem solvers who identify barriers and develop solutions.

  • Shape the debate: We change the environment through strategic media and visibility strategies.

  • Advise decision-makers: We advocate for change because the status quo leaves too many behind.

Health Innovation Alliance exists to improve health care by advancing connectivity, unlocking the abundance of useful data in our healthcare system, modernizing data privacy, and fundamentally redefining care delivery.

To join us or for more information, visit Health-Innovation.org